Daily Archives: July 20, 2015

I love Monday and here’s why!


Like most of us I love my weekends and they are never long enough. However unlike a lot of people I also love Mondays and here’s why: –

  1. Monday is like a mini New Year. It’s the start of the week and an opportunity to reboot, start afresh and say to yourself that this week I’m going to make a difference. Who doesn’t like new beginnings?
  2. I like being productive but there are some things that I can only do as part of a team. Monday is when my team and I get back together and we can all help each other move closer to our goals.
  3. Even when Monday looks like a real tough day I’ll try to think about how I’ll get through the day, what I will achieve, what I will learn. I also know with certainty that no matter how hard the working day is it will inevitably end. So I try to view a tough day as a challenge and take pride in getting through it.
  4. I’ll record my favourite programmes of the week and watch them on a Monday evening or perhaps I’ll have a take-away. Having something to look forward to is a great way to change the way you perceive Mondays.

I am fortunate enough to work in an environment that I enjoy with colleagues that are, on the whole, very supportive. However if you hate Mondays because you hate your job, you hate your boss, you are surrounded by toxic people or whatever the reason then why not use Monday to start to plan how you you’ll turn things around.

Here is a final thought from me….

If you work an average of 220 days a year that’s 44 Mondays each year.

If you start working at 18 years old and retire at 65 then you’ll work for 47 years.

That’s 2,068 Monday’s to hate – the equivalent of hating over 5 years of your life!

Love Mondays!